The Forest

A component of the greatest importance of the environment, the forest preserves life on Earth; at least in the form we know it today.

The forest should not be regarded as an "asset" of humankind, since innumerable animal and plant species depend on its existence. We must therefore ensure the continuity of virgin forests, where nature may follow its course.

In Romania there are over 250,000 hectares of virgin forests (the largest area in Europe after Russia), and most forests are still natural.
WWF Romania has managed, by gathering signatures, to get the promise of the Romanian Ministry of Environment to start immediate action in order to protect virgin forests in Romania, so that these should receive the status of strictly protected forests.

However, many forests worldwide are managed by humans through a process of growing trees.
This complex administration process ensures effective management of forests by planting seedlings, clearing, thinning and harvesting, followed again by planting.

"Forest Stewardship Council" (FSC), an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization monitors the strict compliance to the rules for responsible forest management, and the certification they grant for forestry products ensures that such products come from verified sources. Through the chain of suppliers, this verification returns to the forest of origin.

According to its policy on protection of the environment, Cioata Group uses only logs coming from suppliers with FSC certification for manufacturing its products.

Our love and respect for environment does not end here:

  • We manufacture durable products that can be transmitted from generation to generation. Consider how much raw material and energy for processing and transportation is being saved this way! Nature needs such an attitude from people!
  • We aim to exploit timber to the full. By the imposed technological steps, the design and the varieties of quality integrated in the furniture, the use of waste material for renewable energy production, we ensure that we make the best use of wooden material.
  • Our products are biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Any end must be transformed into a new beginning!
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