The Design Departament

Cioata group has its own Design Department.

Equipped to European standards and having the latest software, our Department:

  • translates our customers’ ideas into layouts that can be easily analyzed and subsequently implemented
  • refines ideas in direct collaboration with the customers, providing them with all the expertise the Department has acquired
  • prepares the technical documentation that will help the design turn into a top quality product.

The design engineers working in this department are always up to date with the latest trends on the furniture market and can work from sketches, images or simply from the ideas of the customer.
All products designed by them conform to the norms in force applicable to ergonomics, quality and design.

The technological experts of the Department provide technical solutions that can guarantee the quality of the product, with the stress on traditional joinery methods handed down from generation to generation.

They optimize models and technologies, ensuring the best quality – price ratio.

  • The Design Departament
  • The Design Departament
  • The Design Departament
  • The Design Departament